At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
  • Kuromon commitment Sampei salted salmon
  • From fresh fish gather Kuromon market of Kansai
  • We offer a lot of fish rice accompany and liquor
  • Dismantling show of tuna also have been held
  • Seafood bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs of popular menu

Kuromon Sanpei daily blog

Today's Kuromon Sanpei 03/19/19

Good morning。 Today it is the rain pattern of unfortunately、Kuromon market is still a great success。 Now、It is Mihira Kuromon of today。 Fresh fish has arrived many today! ■ Hokkaido shipboard go deadline Samegarei in the last few years、Also it has changed from quantity to quality fresh fish。 Or stuck to the bait if aquaculture、The often see natural products if ... or perform processing after the catch carefully to appeal the freshness "shipboard go deadline"。 Immediately caught、Deadline Masu on the ship。 This Samegarei also shipboard go is the deadline。 Samegarei is so skin is called because it is rough like a shark、Although looks are'm not good enough、The taste is good likely。   ■ seasonal Mie Prefecture Sakura first time in yellowtail is the cold of winter yellowtail is a staple、Over the Mie Prefecture - Wakayama、This time is so made to season。"Sakura the first time" in time of yellowtail that cherry blossoms begin to bloom。Body color is also reminiscent of cherry blossoms in the slightly pink。It's like Sakura I Japanese ...。 It is a bland taste can enjoy yellowtail compared to the cold the first time。 Since it has also sold in sashimi、Please try to eat by all means。  

Today's Kuromon Sanpei 03/18/19

Good morning! Enters the second half March、Now also the season of graduation ceremony at the elementary and junior high schools。 And it is entered in the spring equinox today。 Finally spring。。。But it is a little chilly today。 Now、It is Mihira Kuromon of today。 Crab of Iwate Prefecture has arrived。 Although winter of image I crab、In fact, because the crab is catch timing is different for each locality、Shun does not mean that winter。 Iwate per stock today because it seems to March、I have the feeling that even the end season? The spring and summer seems Okhotsk production to stock! Is I am happy to enjoy all year round。 ■ Iwate Prefecture crab 1 pie 2,300 yen (tax included) and sashimi is here that was worrisome。 Conger eel is making of! ! Tempura and boiled conger eel、But is a conger of baked conger eel image、That's right eaten in sashimi。 Yes finish the conger eel that was swimming in the shop of the cage to sashimi。But it is white、If there is a flavor is delicious likely。   ■ conger eel sashimi 1 dish 980 yen (tax included) Other recommended of here ↓ Kuromon Mihira homemade tuna Shigure boiled or sashimi、Sushi! We look forward to welcoming everyone。

Today's Kuromon Sanpei 03/12/19

Good morning! Although the other day whether ... today was a bad weather forecast I、Is the weather! Extremely trivial is Mihira Kuromon of today。                                 ↑ Okinawa Prefecture go of the car shrimp has arrived!

Kuromon Mihira is in Osaka "Naniwa kitchen Kuromon market of"、The seafood of Kansai。At Osaka department store、We are open as a specialty store of salmon and roe。
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