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Kuromon Sanpei daily blog

TripAdvisor Excellence certification 2019

We received the Excellence certification from TripAdvisor travel information site, which is used all over the world! Since it has gotten even 2017、2It will be times eyes。。。(If? 2018 ...?) At the reviews posted in ... TripAdvisor and the TripAdvisor Excellence certification、It has won high praise consistently、Japan accommodation to provide an excellent service、Tourist facilities、It is what is sent to the restaurant。 2019Year has been certified in a review 5,673。It's gonna be 1 of them! Encouraging this、So we will continue to devote myself to delight even your future、Tsu please thank the Kuromon Mihira the future! !

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Ctrip Gourmet List 2019

Following the last year、Also I was chosen this year! I received this year! ! The Ctrip Gourmet List 2019 Ctrip、China's online travel agency can book a flight or hotel、The largest it's right。Not only China、Japanese and English、So also it corresponds to the Spanish, etc.、For example, it's likely I can also booking of travel in Japan! ! ! Gourmet list that we received for the second consecutive year in Kuromon Sanpei is、In Chinese for tourists、It seemed rating guide to me for a restaurant that food experts to evaluate。。。Known you as long as you have been ... happy is evaluated during unexpected! ! Thank you! ! @CtripGourmetList

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Today's Kuromon Sanpei 07/11/19

It's been long time since I last renewed。 Unfortunately the rain today。 When casually To see the shops、Discover the rare sashimi。 Do you know what? The correct answer is here ↓ is "conger eel"! Although grilled sea eel and steamed conger eel is common、It's eaten even raw! ! Speaking of summer、But is eel、Conger is also delicious。 It is also good easy to eat lipids in rather less than the eel。 Please try it at least once! [Other] blue crab also has arrived! !

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