At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
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Kuromon Sanpei of salmon and roe、It is recommended recipes using seafood。

Anno potato of easy sweet potato

  Delicious taste stomach autumn。It is a fishmonger、Oimo also sells something。 Home direct delivery Anno potato << shopping from Tanegashima is Anno potato from here particularly high sugar content is also in the sweet potato、It seems there is sugar content of even 2 times as compared with the usual sweet potatoes when compared to the immediately after baked。 further、It further the sweetness is increased by passing the fire slowly and carefully! Moist and texture creamy is just natural Suites! Of Anno potato simple sweet potato By Yumiko Yasui 公開: October 9, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前By bake it over slowly and carefully time、The taste will be better more and more further sweet!材料The amount of Anno potato of your choice! 作り方Anno potato Wash well、Wrap tightly in aluminum foil。Raise baked in an oven toaster or oven。 オーブンの場合の温度設定は200℃。 The baking time is approximate 60 minutes、Please adjust depending on the size and both of sweet potatoes。Check the contents、Once it has become soft and OK! Please enjoy the taste moist and Amager Io。料理: Grilled grillメニュー Sweet another belly! Dessert menu

Grilled pickled salmon

One of the confit from baked salmon in sauce "grilled pickled" salmon of Origin、There is also in the local cuisine, such as Niigata。 Since confit from baked、Compared to pickled grilled bake from pickled in、It hardly burnt-looking finish to clean。 If you save in the refrigerator、3Since the shelf life to four days、It is also recommended to keep place to make as a side dish of your lunch! Grilled marinated salmon By Yumiko Yasui 公開: September 20, 2014出来上がり量: 2 人前調理時間: 30 分Salmon is better marinated in sauce can easily permeates the taste of hot。 In addition to the bamboo shoots、Soaking the onions and mushrooms are also delicious!材料Salmon fillets second switching Amajio-Namayu in the bamboo shoots 1/2 this soy sauce 50cc ★ sake 40cc ★ mirin 20㏄ ★ lemon second switching sliced ​​ones作り方Fillets of salmon should be cut in half。 ※お弁当用なら1切れを3等分くらいにカットゆでたけのこは薄くスライスしておく下の部分は半月切り、穂先は短冊切★印の調味料を小なべに入れて煮立たせておき、Keep baked salmon set aside the crude heat grill, etc.。Soak the color baked in bamboo shoots together。③の調味ダレに④で焼きあがった鮭とたけのこを浸し、Lemon also dipped put together。 Marinate for about 3 hours to overnight in the refrigerator。料理: Grilled grillメニュー Daily menu menu (main dish)難易度: ☆☆ ★★★ ordinary

[Using the Rakusake] salmon Japanese style spaghetti

Kuromon is recommended recipes using [Rakusake] proposed in Sampei。 Cream spaghetti is also delicious、This Japanese-style spaghetti is also exceptional。 [Using the Rakusake] salmon Japanese-style spaghetti By Yumiko Yasui 公開: July 5, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前Annoying at the time of、You can also delicious using a commercially available noodle soup! (When using a commercially available Men'yutsu is、The concentration rate well please confirm)材料Rakusake one spaghetti (dried noodles) 100g onions 1/4 this diagonal cut soy sauce 90cc mirin 90㏄ unsalted butter 1 tablespoon macrophyll one coarsely ground pepper 作り方Take the skin of Rakusake。 If you want to use the raw salmon、From then lightly salt、skin、Remove the bone。Boil water in a large pot、Please according to the time boiled your spaghetti specify that boil the spaghetti put salt。Heat the butter in a frying pan、Rakusake、Bake Put the onions。Rakusake baked while loosening the appropriate size、Cook。④にゆで上げたスパゲティを入れ、Soy sauce、Serve fry bowl put the mirin、Coarsely chopped shiso leaf、Shake the coarsely ground pepper。料理: Noodleメニュー Daily menu menu (main dish)難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

[Using the Rakusake] salmon and shimeji Batapon vinegar bukkake rice

Kuromon is recommended recipes using "Rakusake" proposed in Sampei。 Butter and ponzu、I'm fit surprising! Once there be trial! ! [Using the Rakusake] salmon and shimeji Batapon vinegar topped rice By Yumiko Yasui 公開: July 5, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前You can also delicious served with wasabi。材料Rakusake substitute Allowed in one raw salmon rice 250g mushrooms 40g 1 egg butter 2 tablespoons vinegar soy sauce 2 tablespoons green onions appropriate amount Koguchikiri作り方Take the skin of Rakusake、Put half the butter in a frying pan cut into bite-size、Create a fluffy soft scrambled eggs、Put the remaining butter in a frying pan to be taken out, such as in a dish、Rakusake、しめじを炒める③にポン酢しょうゆを入れ、Karame well return the scrambled eggs、Sprinkle the green onions from the top Serve in bowl with a rice料理: Rice stuffメニュー Daily menu menu (staple food)難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

[Using] Rakusake salmon Chan Chan grilled style simmered

Proposed in Kuromon Sampei。We recommend a recipe that uses a "Rakusake"。 Arrange the Chan Chan grilled local cuisine of Hokkaido to the cooked food style! Onions and mushrooms to your liking、carrot、It is delicious even taking root vegetables such as potatoes。 [Using the Rakusake] Chan Chan grilled-style salmon simmered By Yumiko Yasui 公開: July 3, 2014出来上がり量: 2~3 人前In addition to the cabbage、It is delicious even taking root vegetables and mushrooms。 Please note the stew too。材料Rakusake and substitute Allowed cabbage 100g unsalted butter 20g miso 1 tablespoon in two raw salmon mirin 1 tablespoon broth 120㏄ 作り方Cut into bite-size the Rakusake、The cabbage Chopped。 In the case of raw salmon、Heat butter put in a pot of lightly salt to remove the bone、①の鮭とキャベツを軽く炒める出し汁を入れ、Serve in bowl Once through the fire to salmon boil put the mirin dissolved miso料理: Boiledメニュー Daily menu menu (main dish)難易度: ☆☆ ★★★ ordinary

[Using the Rakusake] sockeye salmon cream spaghetti

Proposed in Kuromon Sampei。We recommend a recipe that uses a "Rakusake"。 Compatibility of creamy sauce and sockeye salmon is a dish does unbearable。 Coarse ground pepper is point to tighten the taste! It is also a delicious soy sauce-based Japanese-style spaghetti! [Using the Rakusake] cream of salmon spaghetti By Yumiko Yasui 公開: July 3, 2014出来上がり量: 1Dish (1 人前)If you feel cream and heavy is、Reduce the amount of cream、The minute milk。(not really、Increasing the milk will be difficult tangled become a feeling that was smooth)材料Rakusake one student even substitute Allowed spaghetti (dried noodles) 100g green onions 3g Koguchikiri cream 90㏄ milk 90㏄ unsalted butter 1 tablespoon salt little coarsely ground pepper 作り方Take the skin of Rakusake。 ※生の鮭を使用する場合は、Remove the skin and bones、Keep the thin salt。Boil water in a large pot、Keep boiled spaghetti put salt。Heat the frying pan、バターと①の鮭を入れて焼く。Baked while loosening the appropriate size is salmon、Cook。③に生クリーム、Milk、Put the boiled rose spaghetti、Boil down while entangled。Source furnished to taste a little bit when I got thickened salt、Serve in bowl。From above、Coarse ground pepper、Sprinkle the green onions。料理: Noodleメニュー Daily menu menu (staple food)難易度: ☆☆ ★★★ ordinary


When it is one of the classic menu "taramasalata"。 Once together, "also" of potatoes with this "cod"、Although "cod also" is often seems to、In fact, Greece、Turkish home cooking、"Taramo" is Toka I mean roe。 This time、Use the cod roe、Although it finished the mayonnaise base、It is also delicious using the butter and olive oil to your liking。 Taramosarada By Yumiko Yasui 公開: April 11, 2014出来上がり量: 2 人前Only mix with crushed boiled potatoes! Since potatoes are mashed while hot、It is attention to burn!材料Cod roe 1/2 those in the belly potatoes one large mayonnaise 1 tablespoon grated garlic 1 teaspoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon green onions 2g Koguchikiri作り方Such as in a bowl、It After removal of the thin skin、Mayonnaise、Soy sauce、Addition of grated garlic、Well mix。Boil well washed potatoes、Make sure that it is soft and stabbed such as toothpick、Peel raised in colander, etc.。Hot because the potatoes peeled attention skin to burn collapse to the size of the favorite。(In my personal、Some I like the extent to which the form is left) to mix and put the potatoes mashed in 1 of cod roe source as shown in the photograph。Serve in bowl、Shake a universal green onions from the top。料理: Raw thing saladメニュー Wai Wai ♪ party menu with everyone難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Roe pasta (oil-based)

Classic cod roe pasta second stage。The last time, but fresh cream is rich pasta of the base、This is Mentaiko pasta was frankly was the olive oil to the base。This is to the most delicious Speaking of cod roe pasta (cream-based) personally cod roe pasta、It is recommended in handy make。 The secret ingredient、We put the grated kelp tea and garlic。(Note becomes painful when the garlic is too put) in your favorite、With half of the olive oil in the mayonnaise will be for children。   Cod roe pasta (oil-based) By Yumiko Yasui 公開: April 7, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前So easy to make even without frying pan、Clean up easy! Only mix。材料Mentaiko 1 belly pasta 80 ~ 100g boiled which was OK kelp tea 1/4 teaspoon green onions 3g Koguchikiri with those of 200g around olive oil 2 tablespoons grated garlic 1/4 teaspoon tube rise作り方Boil water in a large pot、Boil the pasta put salt。(Salt of about 1 tablespoon to the hot water of 1l) boiled time、It will vary depending on the pasta to be used、Please check such as pasta bag of time。Such as in a bowl、Mentaiko removal of the thin skin、Mix well and put the olive oil。Olive oil is not put at once all、Mix well when the first fewer put to go by adding while adjusting。The secret ingredient (so you do not need to have the)、Kelp tea、Furthermore mix Put the grated garlic。Firmly off the boiled pasta water、3Serve the pasta to the source mix well to bowl、Multiplying the Koguchikiri of chives from the top。料理: Noodleメニュー Daily menu menu (staple food)難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Once this Shirataki and roasted

Once one of the classic this dish。When the idea to make Innovation Chacha、Lunch and it is useful for a side dish。 Of course, it is also delicious in place a cod roe to Mentaiko。 Cod roe、By saltiness of the cod roe、Please adjust the amount of seasoning to be used。 If this Shirataki roasted By Yumiko Yasui 公開: April 7, 2014出来上がり量: 2~3 人前Shirataki but we have a draft that lye boiled、Since the fry cooking、Because I care so much smell、Annoying person is be good even as it is ... (I have got fried as it is)材料It leaves 1-2 sheets of the cod roe 1 belly Shirataki 200g sesame oil qs white's to 1 tablespoon commercially sake 1 teaspoon salt qs pepper 作り方Shirataki is leave cut into bite length、Keep boiled。(Lye excl.) Cod roe removes the thin skin、Keep loosened by alcohol。Put the sesame oil in a frying pan、1Roast of Shirataki。there、In addition roast added to white out。To some extent Once flying moisture (and completely moisture is lost、Cod roe is hard to mix)、2The cod roe were added、In addition fry while mixing。While the tasting、Salty adjusted by adding salt if not enough。Serve in bowl、Decorate the leaves of pepper。料理: Thing friedメニュー Daily menu menu (side dish)難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Metanephrops japonicus tomato pasta

Metanephrops japonicus (red seat shrimp) are also called Scampi。It is a friend of popular scampi or scampi in Western cuisine。 Or put in a We are pleased to introduce to pasta、It is used in soup。 That's Japan is still delicious and put into sashimi and miso soup! ! Metanephrops japonicus is a strong feature soft body protein and sweet。 View from the front and shrimp and crab cross between like the looks I ne-metanephrops japonicus of tomato pasta By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 28, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前Since the shrimp are out delicious from the shell soup、Use all。When the judge is、Kitchen shears handy。材料Metanephrops japonicus 1 tail pasta 80 ~ 100g garlic 1 piece of chopped green onions 3g Koguchikiri white wine 50㏄ olive oil 2 tablespoons tomato boiled 120g commercially available salt and pepper qs qs 作り方Metanephrops japonicus is one of refrigeration keep thawed in running water。Take the back cotton isolate the metanephrops japonicus into two left and right from the tail with a pair of scissors。Olive oil put in a frying pan、Issued a fragrance fry the chopped garlic、Stir metanephrops japonicus from the body side、Fry the shell further inside out。3White wine to the frying pan、Mix well and put the tomatoes boiled、Salt、To adjust the taste with pepper。Mix well Put the pasta that was raised boiled to there。Pasta dish、Prime the metanephrops japonicus、Sprinkle the green onions that from top to Koguchikiri。料理: Noodleメニュー Daily menu menu (staple food)難易度: ☆☆ ★★★ ordinary

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