At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
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05.Under treatment method of fish

It summarizes the under treatment in front of the fish cooking。

Ihara I was taught to fisheries san!

In order to eat the salt herring roe is、It requires a "without salt"、In normal without salt、I think you also Nante ... that would out bitterness and ... salt is too missing with a thin salt water to salt herring roe。 However ~! ! Who taught in leading manufacturer "Ihara Fisheries"'s herring roe、Easy、And we will introduce because I was taught without salt method of not fail salt herring roe! After without salt is、Put in your favorite soup stock、Or tossed with wasabi mayonnaise (← Kore recommended)、Easily is delicious just eat sprinkled dried bonito over the soy sauce。 (Herring roe after without salt is、Store in the refrigerator、As soon as possible, please enjoy) not fail! Without salt of salt herring roe By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 27, 2014In short, completely remove the salt、It is a way that again put just the right salt。If soaked in water before going to sleep at night、Salt is a disconnect complete the next morning。材料Salt herring roe 4-5 this water 1 liters salt 2 tsp 作り方The larger amount of water in a container such as bad、Place overnight soak the herring roe。next morning、Cleanly remove the thin skin of the herring roe。Water against 1 liter、Immersing the 1-2 hours herring immersed in saline at a concentration of 2 cups about teaspoon。It is ready if it became a reasonable seasoning。料理: Under processing of seafood難易度: ☆☆☆☆ ★ super easy

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