At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
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04.Other fish recipes

Other than salmon, fish eggs, shrimp, crab we were allowed to gather as other。

Anno potato of easy sweet potato

  Delicious taste stomach autumn。It is a fishmonger、Oimo also sells something。 Home direct delivery Anno potato << shopping from Tanegashima is Anno potato from here particularly high sugar content is also in the sweet potato、It seems there is sugar content of even 2 times as compared with the usual sweet potatoes when compared to the immediately after baked。 further、It further the sweetness is increased by passing the fire slowly and carefully! Moist and texture creamy is just natural Suites! Of Anno potato simple sweet potato By Yumiko Yasui 公開: October 9, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前By bake it over slowly and carefully time、The taste will be better more and more further sweet!材料The amount of Anno potato of your choice! 作り方Anno potato Wash well、Wrap tightly in aluminum foil。Raise baked in an oven toaster or oven。 オーブンの場合の温度設定は200℃。 The baking time is approximate 60 minutes、Please adjust depending on the size and both of sweet potatoes。Check the contents、Once it has become soft and OK! Please enjoy the taste moist and Amager Io。料理: Grilled grillメニュー Sweet another belly! Dessert menu

Uzaku (vinegared eel)

The Uzaku、And eel、It is a thing tossed cucumber, and more at Sweet and Sour。 Chunky and the eels and refreshing serving dish。I want to give stamina to eat eel、It is perfect at the time of a little heavy Do ... Nante summer heat Pounds! But to use Kabayaki seems to be normal、This time I used the white grilled。In addition you can refreshing than Kabayaki。 Uzaku (vinegared eel) By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 15, 2014出来上がり量: 2 人前Point cucumber Shiomomi is best。Or adding seaweed to your liking、It is also delicious served with Japanese ginger as condiments。材料Eel 1/2 animals worth Shirayaki (even broiled) cucumber one ginger 1 clove needle ginger (shredded) vinegar 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon salt 1/3 tsp broth 2 tablespoons 作り方Cucumber、In the thin round slices、Shake the salt (quantity outside)、Komu massage lightly。10With more minute because the moisture comes out、Squeezing the moisture is squeezed tightly。 Ginger is in the fine julienne (needle ginger)、After exposure to water、Keep drained。Eel、Cut in half lengthwise、1㎝位の幅でカットたものを、Warm about 1 minute in a microwave oven over a period of shaking the lightly sake arranged in baking dish (the quantity outside) wrap。Vinegar in a small pot、Sugar、Once you've lightly people boiled put salt、Down from the fire and finally put the broth。Cucumber、Ginger、Mix lightly put the eel in 3 of sweet and sour。Complete Serve in bowl。Also remain warm、It is also delicious chilled。料理: Salad ones Hitashimonoメニュー Daily menu menu (side dish)

The tossed squid of salt sea urchin

Dressed squid of salt sea urchin By Yasui Yumiko 公開: March 11, 2014出来上がり量: 2~3 人前Just tossed the salt sea urchin of bottling to sashimi of squid。材料Squid 1 cup salt sea urchin 30g bottling lobar one for sashimi 作り方And the squid for sashimi shredded。 If you want to enjoy the feeling of eating、To chubby、And then sliced ​​into thin if you want to entangle better sea urchin。(Also using the things you have cut from the beginning、Of course, OK) and mix lightly one of the sea urchin and the salt sea urchin。Spread a large leaf in dish、2Serve the Ikauni。料理: Salad ones Hitashimonoメニュー You want carelessly drink!?Garnishes menu of sake難易度: ☆☆☆☆ ★ super easy

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