At Osaka Kuromon market、Kansai of fish、And salted salmon、We have to sell, such as fish eggs。
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02.Roe recipes

Drew recipe of fish eggs (such as Mentaiko, cod roe, herring roe)。


When it is one of the classic menu "taramasalata"。 Once together, "also" of potatoes with this "cod"、Although "cod also" is often seems to、In fact, Greece、Turkish home cooking、"Taramo" is Toka I mean roe。 This time、Use the cod roe、Although it finished the mayonnaise base、It is also delicious using the butter and olive oil to your liking。 Taramosarada By Yumiko Yasui 公開: April 11, 2014出来上がり量: 2 人前Only mix with crushed boiled potatoes! Since potatoes are mashed while hot、It is attention to burn!材料Cod roe 1/2 those in the belly potatoes one large mayonnaise 1 tablespoon grated garlic 1 teaspoon soy sauce 1 teaspoon green onions 2g Koguchikiri作り方Such as in a bowl、It After removal of the thin skin、Mayonnaise、Soy sauce、Addition of grated garlic、Well mix。Boil well washed potatoes、Make sure that it is soft and stabbed such as toothpick、Peel raised in colander, etc.。Hot because the potatoes peeled attention skin to burn collapse to the size of the favorite。(In my personal、Some I like the extent to which the form is left) to mix and put the potatoes mashed in 1 of cod roe source as shown in the photograph。Serve in bowl、Shake a universal green onions from the top。料理: Raw thing saladメニュー Wai Wai ♪ party menu with everyone難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Roe pasta (oil-based)

Classic cod roe pasta second stage。The last time, but fresh cream is rich pasta of the base、This is Mentaiko pasta was frankly was the olive oil to the base。This is to the most delicious Speaking of cod roe pasta (cream-based) personally cod roe pasta、It is recommended in handy make。 The secret ingredient、We put the grated kelp tea and garlic。(Note becomes painful when the garlic is too put) in your favorite、With half of the olive oil in the mayonnaise will be for children。   Cod roe pasta (oil-based) By Yumiko Yasui 公開: April 7, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前So easy to make even without frying pan、Clean up easy! Only mix。材料Mentaiko 1 belly pasta 80 ~ 100g boiled which was OK kelp tea 1/4 teaspoon green onions 3g Koguchikiri with those of 200g around olive oil 2 tablespoons grated garlic 1/4 teaspoon tube rise作り方Boil water in a large pot、Boil the pasta put salt。(Salt of about 1 tablespoon to the hot water of 1l) boiled time、It will vary depending on the pasta to be used、Please check such as pasta bag of time。Such as in a bowl、Mentaiko removal of the thin skin、Mix well and put the olive oil。Olive oil is not put at once all、Mix well when the first fewer put to go by adding while adjusting。The secret ingredient (so you do not need to have the)、Kelp tea、Furthermore mix Put the grated garlic。Firmly off the boiled pasta water、3Serve the pasta to the source mix well to bowl、Multiplying the Koguchikiri of chives from the top。料理: Noodleメニュー Daily menu menu (staple food)難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Once this Shirataki and roasted

Once one of the classic this dish。When the idea to make Innovation Chacha、Lunch and it is useful for a side dish。 Of course, it is also delicious in place a cod roe to Mentaiko。 Cod roe、By saltiness of the cod roe、Please adjust the amount of seasoning to be used。 If this Shirataki roasted By Yumiko Yasui 公開: April 7, 2014出来上がり量: 2~3 人前Shirataki but we have a draft that lye boiled、Since the fry cooking、Because I care so much smell、Annoying person is be good even as it is ... (I have got fried as it is)材料It leaves 1-2 sheets of the cod roe 1 belly Shirataki 200g sesame oil qs white's to 1 tablespoon commercially sake 1 teaspoon salt qs pepper 作り方Shirataki is leave cut into bite length、Keep boiled。(Lye excl.) Cod roe removes the thin skin、Keep loosened by alcohol。Put the sesame oil in a frying pan、1Roast of Shirataki。there、In addition roast added to white out。To some extent Once flying moisture (and completely moisture is lost、Cod roe is hard to mix)、2The cod roe were added、In addition fry while mixing。While the tasting、Salty adjusted by adding salt if not enough。Serve in bowl、Decorate the leaves of pepper。料理: Thing friedメニュー Daily menu menu (side dish)難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Uoichi one press! Bruschetta of herring roe

Osaka Central Wholesale Market outgoing! Ltd. Uoichi-Ihara fisheries joint development menu!! The number of children stylish Western-style snacks in! One of the snacks of Italian cuisine and bruschetta。Place the xi to lightly baked bread。 However、And put in the pan the herring roe! ! Innovative! ※ without salt method of salt herring roe, please refer to here。Never fail、It is a simple salt excl way! Bruschetta of herring roe By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 27, 2014出来上がり量: 2 人前Although usually bruschetta will bake bread、This is kana not dare not baked in order to enjoy the texture of the herring roe? It is even more handy because without a fire。材料Herring roe ½ cut butter qs tomatoes ½ avocado to six salt unplug the thing - smaller ones bucket six 2cm thickness of about cottage cheese 20g tablespoon balsamic vinegar 1 ★ wasabi 3g ★ tablespoon olive oil 1 ★ 作り方★印の調味料を合わせておくアボカドはタネと皮を取り除き、トマトはタネを取りそれぞれ8㎜程度の厚さにスライスしておくバケットを厚さ2㎝程度に斜めにカットし、On top of the bucket to paint the butter on the top surface、トマト→アボカドの順に並べていき、Place the number of children that were without salt from the top of the 5 to put the cottage cheese from the top。From the top (if the size of the herring roe is large, leave the cut)、1In you over the sauce and balsamic vinegar source had。Placed on the vessel、Watercress、It is completed along with a lemon。料理: Raw thing saladメニュー Wai Wai ♪ party menu with everyone難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Ihara I was taught to fisheries san!

In order to eat the salt herring roe is、It requires a "without salt"、In normal without salt、I think you also Nante ... that would out bitterness and ... salt is too missing with a thin salt water to salt herring roe。 However ~! ! Who taught in leading manufacturer "Ihara Fisheries"'s herring roe、Easy、And we will introduce because I was taught without salt method of not fail salt herring roe! After without salt is、Put in your favorite soup stock、Or tossed with wasabi mayonnaise (← Kore recommended)、Easily is delicious just eat sprinkled dried bonito over the soy sauce。 (Herring roe after without salt is、Store in the refrigerator、As soon as possible, please enjoy) not fail! Without salt of salt herring roe By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 27, 2014In short, completely remove the salt、It is a way that again put just the right salt。If soaked in water before going to sleep at night、Salt is a disconnect complete the next morning。材料Salt herring roe 4-5 this water 1 liters salt 2 tsp 作り方The larger amount of water in a container such as bad、Place overnight soak the herring roe。next morning、Cleanly remove the thin skin of the herring roe。Water against 1 liter、Immersing the 1-2 hours herring immersed in saline at a concentration of 2 cups about teaspoon。It is ready if it became a reasonable seasoning。料理: Under processing of seafood難易度: ☆☆☆☆ ★ super easy

Cod roe cream pasta

One of this pollack pasta classic menu using Mentaiko。Wonderful Japanese-made Italian! ! This time、Is the introduction of rich pollack pasta with fresh cream。 Cod roe pasta (cream-based) By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 26, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前While the boil the pasta、And the source making。材料Mentaiko 1 belly pasta 80 ~ 100g cream 60cc milk 40cc butter 5g salt qs those in green onions 3g Koguchikiri 作り方Boil water in a large pot、Boil the pasta put salt。(Salt of about 1 tablespoon to the hot water of 1l) boiled time、It will vary depending on the pasta to be used、Please check such as pasta bag of time。While boiled pasta、Create a source。 Butter in a frying pan、Fresh cream、Boil put the milk、Quantity Put the roe removal of the thin skin、You thoroughly loosened。Once the boiled pasta、2Mixed well put it in the source、You can adjust the taste with salt。Serving the pasta to the bowl、It is completed by waving the green onions that from top to Koguchikiri。 ※万能ねぎの代わりに、It is also delicious with large leaf and chopped green onion that was shredded!料理: Noodleメニュー Daily menu menu (staple food)難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

Herring roe marinated

Not seen much only about year-end and New Year holidays, "herring roe"。Do not asleep in the back of the refrigerator even after the first three days of a new year? Expiration date of salt herring roe is up to about usually 3 to the end of April。 Before the expiration date expires、I tried to tailor the number of children that were without salt to always To different marinades。 Herring roe marinated By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 17, 2014出来上がり量: 2 人前Point without salt of salt herring roe。later、If it is possible the soup stock of Japanese think only instead of the soup of Western-style。材料Salt herring roe 3-4 this (100g) size by the number is different onion 1/4 ball carrot 1/8 cucumber 1/8 this hawk claw one broth 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon sugar 2 tsp salt a little 作り方[And without salt of salt herring roe] such as in ① bad、Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt to water 1ℓ、Soak the salt herring roe。② about 6 to 8 times the number of sub-の の い pellicle DomNode- wo ki ri ni take other ki、再度①と同じ要領で塩水を取り換え、6 to soak 8 hours。 ③若干塩分が残っている状態が一番おいしく感じます。 ④塩を抜きすぎた場合苦みを感じますが、By that case is to put the salt again、Because you missing bitterness、Please be assured that it is not a failure。 Make a brine darker than the。(2 teaspoons to 3 1ℓ) there、Dip the herring roe、1Time ~ 2。 ※数の子のサイズや塩水濃度で時間が変わりますので、Please be tasting diligently。 ※塩抜きは15℃~25℃くらいの室温で。Also、Herring roe after desalted Please keep in the refrigerator。 Herring roe was without salt is left is cut into bite-size。 Onion thinly sliced、Cucumber、Carrots keep the shredded。In a bowl、Claw of hawk that was cut into round slices and remove the seeds、Put the other seasonings and mix。 there、Herring roe、Lightly mix in addition to vegetables、Soak overnight in the refrigerator。Is completed Serve in bowl。料理: Raw thing saladメニュー Daily menu menu (side dish)難易度: ☆☆ ★★★ ordinary

Mentaiko of dip (sour cream)

It is a dip of Mentaiko。But there are also recipes that dress in cream cheese、I think personally delicious prefer the sour cream。 Sour cream、In Japan, we do not have much familiar、Or use in making sweets、It is also delicious with salad or stir-fry。 Please try various When the surplus sour cream。I、1Cup all I will be in this dip because ... calorie is a raise、I the neighborhood caution。 Cod roe dip (sour cream) By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 17, 2014Only dress the Mentaiko loosened with sour cream。Bucket and crackers、Please enjoy wearing such as boiled vegetables。材料Lemon juice qs parsley qs those of sour cream 1 cup (100g) Mentaiko 1 belly black pepper appropriate amount of coarsely ground 作り方Roe is open to put the cut with a kitchen knife、Remove the eggs to take tricks what with a kitchen knife。Such as in a bowl、Xin Ziming Prince、Put the sour cream and mix。 If desired、Please adjust to put the black pepper and lemon juice。Serve in bowl、Decorate the parsley。 Served with, such as a bucket or crackers。料理: Raw thing saladメニュー Wai Wai ♪ party menu with everyone難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

How much of the rice salad

In Japan, the rice is the "staple food"、That's right is classified as a "vegetable" in Europe and the United States。 And refreshing Western-style vinegared rice with thin strips of egg, pieces of raw fish, vegetables and crab meat arranged on top、Mix even ... If you think the rice、And say Rice Salad、It's a little fashionable。 How much of the rice salad By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 10, 2014出来上がり量: 2 人前By slicing the vegetables、mix、Perfection if clean Moritsukere、Beautiful simple recipes also look。Good to eat as a salad、Good to eat as a staple food。Even dressing try instead to your liking。材料Sauce much 25g rice 80 g A low calorie salt dressing 7.5㏄ A pickle 6 g A chopped red peppers 5g B slices Yellow paprika 5g B slices red onion 8 g B slice cucumber 5g B shredded low-calorie salt dressing 5㏄ B lettuce 5g 作り方Put A of material (pickles keep the chopped) in a bowl、Mix。paprika、Red onion slice、Cucumber and shredded、Keep off well the moisture by way of monkeys from exposure to water。 Torn by hand into bite-size lettuce、You should wash with water。Put vegetables of B and the seasoning in a bowl、Mix。Spread to dish the lettuce took firmly the moisture in, such as cloth、Place the Cercle (round type) to the center、1Removing the mold stuffed with rice。 ※セルクル型がなければ、Or remove the mold and put, such as in a bowl、Of course as it rounded Serve only。3Place the 2 of vegetables from the top of the、Put soy sauce。料理: Raw thing saladメニュー Wai Wai ♪ party menu with everyone難易度: ☆☆☆ ★★ Papattoo easily!

The tangle of rice cake salmon roe

Speaking To much、But to think that rice is common、It may be compatibility with surprisingly rice cake。 By Serve with grated radish、It served To freshen。 And white rice cake and grated radish、Green shiso、How much of the red of the contrast is beautiful! ! Some of the entangled mochi By Yumiko Yasui 公開: March 3, 2014出来上がり量: 1 人前Why not look at rice cake from a little strange getting tired of the usual rice cake cooking? Soy sauce of your choice、More delicious over ponzu! !材料Two soy sauce salmon roe 25g rice cake grated radish 50g macrophyll one 作り方Such as a toaster oven、Turn off the large leaf burn the rice cake in half、Laid on the dish。Place the baked rice cake on top of the large leaf、Radish、Put in the order of soy sauce salmon roe。 ※お好みで醤油またはポン酢をかけてさらに美味しくいただけます!料理: Rice stuffメニュー Daily menu menu (staple food)難易度: ☆☆☆☆ ★ super easy

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